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About Us

About Us

Pure Vapor Bliss is located in Rocky Hill, CT.  We are a Family owned and operated store.  Our journey started  when a family member, smoker of over a pack a day for 30 years, came to visit. She had quit smoking  and was vaping!  This was something very foreign to us here in New England, but intrigued us with her success and how much healthier she claimed to feel.  So with that we did research,  my daughter, a pack a day smoker, bought a vaping starter kit . She hasn’t smoked a analog cigarette since.  She feels much healthier,  free of the bad taste in her mouth and lingering smoke smell on her clothes. She is free to vape just about every where she chooses.

            This has been a freeing experience for her and our family.  One we feel should be shared with everyone  who feels trapped in the cigarette world. 

412 Cromwell Avenue, Rocky HIll, CT 06067